Giulia Negri



Time has flown so fast. My family has decided to entrust me with Serradenari: its vineyard, its cellars, its wine bottles, and its markets around the globe. It is an honor. But I shall never forget that when it all started, I was known as the Barologirl.

Someone called me by that name because I wanted to make wine my own way. I loved my “garagiste” friends and their heretical, dogma-free wines. Just a few marvelous wines created by true vineyard craftsmen.

So I bet everything on Barolo, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, on the highest ridge of the Land of Barolo, and on a team: Alessia, who is the pillar of the Cellar and takes care of our importers, our suppliers, and the fairs, and Arianna, who is the soul of La Tartufaia and organizes its truffle hunts in the last white truffle wood. Serradenari is no longer just the Barologirl, but the Barologirls.

I am the youngest challenger of a family that has been producing wine at Serradenari for the past 150 years. But not only wine : the great-great-grandfather Diatto manufactured one of the first automobiles in Turin, the ancestor Bodoni created the Bodoni font, Chiappero were two members of the Italian Parliament, and Giovanni Negri is the author of beautiful books on wine.

So, now, it’s my turn. Me and my bottles - less than 40,000 of them.
But every single one of those bottles must be able to tell the whole story of Serradenari
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