Giulia Negri



Three things are fundamental to me when it comes to cellars: cleanliness, simplicity, and passion.

Here I built a small cellar, where the floor was initially covered with gravel. My ‘garage’ is tiny. There is only four of us here taking care of the vineyard, making the wines, and traveling the world to sell them.

The Pinot Noir and the Chardonnay stay in the barrels at least a year; the Nebbiolo, fourteen months; the Barolo, at least thirty months. In certain vintages only, I also make a small quantity of Barbera.

I like to let the wine rest a long time in the bottle. Good old glass holds its own secrets.

There is no dearth of competition, but the most formidable of competitions comes from within oneself. A ‘garagiste’ worth her salt knows that she doesn’t know much, that the art of the winemaker is in the continuous search. She must search and search, even at the cost of making mistakes, until she makes the world’s best wine.

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