Giulia Negri



Reorganized since 2001 by Giovanni Negri, Serradenari is Barolo’s own mountain – the highest of the tesserae of a unique mosaic that from one side faces the Alps from Liguria to Monte Rosa and from the other, a sea of vineyards that roll into the horizon.

The farmhouse traces its name back many centuries to a time when the Black Death pushed the farmers of Barolo and La Morra to take what little money they had and escape to the top of the highest hill. Since 1450, that hill has been known as the “money hill,” or “Sara D’né,” which is now also an official subzone of the Barolo DOCG.

Serradenari descends from 536 meters of the highest vineyard Marassio to 450 meters of Pian delle Mole , deep in the wood, where was found the ancient ‘mola’ (gristmill, in the local dialect) that likely is the origin of the name of the place, La Morra. Very different soils for very different fruits. From the cold, windy highest point rich in limestone and silt to the lowest vineyard , warmer, sandier , rich in fossils.

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