Giulia Negri

The world's highest Barolo

But I shall never forget that when it all started, I was known as the : Barologirl


I built a small cellar, where the floor was initially covered with gravel. My ‘garage’ is tiny


This is where I make my wines, or rather, it is where Serradenari makes its wines: the earth holds secrets that are unknown to Man

I miei vini
Only here in just a few precious hours, you can hunt, find, smell, classify, and taste the white truffle of Alba in its natural habitat -
La tartufaia

On some shelves around the world, on some newspaper page, but especially in La Morra

Serradenari is the highest peak of the Barolo, a small balcony from which the eye catches the horizon. At its feet lie the Langhe, and straight ahead are the Alps, from Liguria to Mount Cervino, with Mount Monviso towering right in the middle of it all.